Welcome on the official Website of BBB Crew


The BBB Crew consists of 4 Breakdancers from Biberach, Germany. We are all big friends and founded the group 2010 after dancing together in another Breakdance Group. The idea for our own group came when we did a streetshow in our Hometown. Nowadays we create our own shows and present them on many events like weddings, birthdays and festivals.

Our Members

The BBB Athletes
Flip ‘n’ Skill
Timo Rinker (17) called Flip’n’ Skill is the oldest member of the BBB Crew. He is dancing since 6 years and is specialised on Flips.
Nico Rinker (16) is dancing since 6 years. He has got an insane flexibility and an awesome balance. His signature freeze is a Hollowback.
Dominik Weisser (17) started to dance in 2004. He has got a great flow and massive powermoves. His favorite move is called Universe.
Rob da Bob
Robin Ilibasič (16) has a creative mind and he is feeling the music.



With the following Formular you have the chance to aks us whatever you want to know. Also you can ask for a gig.